Saturday, May 25, 2013

Queen's Park Scavenger Hunt

Queen's Park in Toronto

Queen's Park, home of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of kids and fun but it has a free kids program during March Break that allows the kids to have a guided tour of the building, learn about various aspects of Ontario's history and participate in a mock parliament among other activities.

Reading up on the Legislative Assembly before the tour starts.

One of the fun things the kids did was the craft at the end.  When we went it was making gargoyle puppets since Queen's Park has lots of gargoyles.

Making a gargoyle puppet. The gargoyles around Queen's Park proved to be surprisingly interesting to the kids.

The highlight of the program though was the scavenger hunt which takes kids all over the building to find out things like the provincial mineral, what colour tie the speaker of the house wears, the name of the Premier of Ontario etc.

Gathering clues about the Provincial emblem
The kids weren't the only ones who learned a lot during the tour, I learned a few things too.  It is a good length for kids, 90 minutes from start to finish and that includes the craft at the end.

Queen's Park is easily accessible by public transit but you might have a hard time getting across the street to the actual building, so be prepared to either walk a fair distance to the lights or play life sized frogger as you try to cross the road.

Queen's Park will also provide tours to groups like Brownies and Scouts or any other group.  They also have a Page program which is a remarkable opportunity for kids in grade 8.

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