Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fire Station Open House

Kids love fire stations.  A regular old fire station is exciting enough for most kids, what with the big trucks and the pole and everything but a fire station open house is even more fun for kids and best of all, they are free.  Most cities have a fire house open house once a year so call your local fire department if you are not sure when the one in your area is.  My kids have been  to a couple in different towns and here are some of the fun things that seem to be pretty standard at these events.
 Don't be fooled by the flowery dress, she will bring
the hammer down, my friends.
 Games.  Usually lots of them.  The one in Kitchener today had mini golf, banging the metal thingie with a mallet and a ball toss game.
Southpaw coming up. 
Little known fact, Tiger Woods got his start at a fire house
mini golf game.  Not really.
There are usually several emergency vehicles that the kids can climb in and on.

Let's be real, probably not the last time this hooligan will see
the inside of a police cruiser.  
Not just fire trucks but, police cars and ambulances too.
Checking out the ambulance.  Fingers crossed, this is the
last time she is in the back of an ambulance.
Another big hit with kids is the fire hose which they usually have out for the kids to try.  
That is a lot of concentration for pretend fire fighting.
The car that gets flipped upside down to demonstrate what happens when passengers don't wear their seat belts was also a big hit but not for the reason the police officers were probably hoping.  The kids around me all wanted a turn inside the car.

Hey, looks like fun.
Most of these types of events have the usual standard kid fare like bouncy castles and face painting.  Of course if there is a line up on this planet that is longer than the one for free face painting I have yet to see it.  So, either be prepared to wait a looooong time in line or steer clear of it all together.

Finally!  Inside the bouncy castle.
There is usually some swag given out too.  My kids have a pile of these free fire helmets that they have picked up over the years at various events.  They also usually have tattoos, stickers, notebooks, colouring books, that sort of thing. 

She really should be making devil horns to complete this look.
 The one in Kitchener had a BBQ with pretty much the worst hamburgers I have ever eaten but they were cheap!
You can't go too far wrong with a hotdog.
 All is forgiven on the hamburger front though because they redeemed themselves by providing McDonald's orange drink which I honestly had no idea was still being made.  Maybe it isn't, maybe they have had it lying around since 1983, who knows?  Who cares?  McDonald's orange drink!

Flashback to playdays and softball tournaments.
 My daughter's favourite part of any of these events.  The person whose job it is to hug small children while dressed as a dalmatian.
My daughter's dream job, professional hugger.  
Kitchener's open house also had a rock climbing wall that cost $5 a turn and Erick Traplin, who I am convinced is stalking me, there is no other explanation for how I have managed to see him live in so many places without actually making any effort to.

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