Monday, June 10, 2013

London Chidren's Museum

The London's Children's Museum is a great museum for kids.  Their motto seems to be learning through play and that is definitely what was on offer when we were there.  The museum is bigger than I was expecting and it is packed with stuff to do.  It is also not very expensive, compared to some museums, which is a nice bonus.  A family of four can get in for under $30 and they have free admission on Friday evenings.
My daughter, on a space toilet.  Are you telling me you aren't curious how toilets work in  space?
Like most museums, they offer temporary exhibits.  At the moment, they have a K'nex exhibit and Torn from Home: My Life as a Refugee.  Their ongoing exhibits are all great and will appeal to kids and adults.  The people who run the museum really know what kids like and what they are happy and excited to learn a lot about. The exhibits are also great because they appeal to boys and girls and a fairly wide range in ages.

There is a space exhibit which was a big hit with my kids.  There are space suits to try on, a space capsule to get into, a pretend space ship with buttons and levers and space toilets.  It was great.  They do also have a small planetarium with a star show.  
I actually forgot my camera in the car but I figured, hey, I'll just enjoy the day for once without  taking a hundred pictures.  Then my kids put on the space suits and my husband was like, "I'm going back to the car to get the camera."
 My kids could have easily spent most of the day here and been perfectly happy.
Hanging out in the nose of a space shuttle.
Once I managed to drag them away from the space exhibit my kids were happy to discover that there is a dinosaur room, a science room and an old timey house and school room.  The biggest hit, after the space exhibit though was the mini town complete with McDonald's, gym, bank, gas station, house, post office etc. There was also a fire truck to drive and cars  tool around in.  The bank machine even had pretend money which tickled my kids to no end.
Working at the pretend McDonald's was probably a lot more
fun than working at a real one.
 The pretend cars even have little spots to fill up at the gas station.
I wonder how much pretend money it takes to fill up one of these things?
There is a small but interesting cave exhibit as well which my kids liked.  It is dark in there though so some little ones might need their hands held.  Nothing scary jumps out though, don't worry.

My kids did like the cave exhibit, I swear.  I just couldn't figure out how to
take pictures in the dark so they were fed up with sitting there waiting to have their picture taken!
Another great exhibit is the My Arctic Discovery exhibit.  My kids liked it almost as much as me.  I am a total sucker for anything to do with the Arctic.  My fantasy Jeopardy categories would totally be: Children's Books, The Olympics, 80's tv show theme songs, Obscure Characters from The Wire, Walking around Toronto, and Polar Exploration.  So, I was pretty excited that my kids were excited.  Guys?  It might be time to bust out this as a bedtime story.  When I bought that book at a Halifax second hand bookstore the owner looked at it, grimaced and said "hmmm... grim read."  All the best polar exploration books are!

Hmmm...  where was I?  Right, the London Children's Museum.  Now for those of you who like puzzles.  See if you can solve this one, which stumped my kids (and me!) while at the museum.  If you solve it, post the solution in the comments.
You have to get from the start to the finish using coins that total $4.07
 I highly recommend the Children's Museum in London for anyone with kids under 10.  It is free on Canada Day too by the way.

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