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Tall Ship Kajama - Toronto

The Tall Ship Kajama with only one sail up at the moment.  
The Tall Ship Kajama is a three masted Schooner that takes you on a tour of Toronto's harbour.  I am assuming that three masted Schooner means a big old timey boat with three sails because that is what it looked like to me.  My position on boats is well documented on this site so it should come as no surprise that I loved our time aboard the Kajama and so did my kids and husband.  

My kids checking out the city sites as the Kajama takes to the water.  Is that the right nautical term?  I mean, it was in the water when we go on but it wasn't out in the water, you know what I mean?
When we left for Toronto it was pouring rain so we weren't even sure if the ship would set sail (that was probably the term I was looking for above!) but we figured we would try our luck.  The rain stopped as we arrived at the dock so our optimism was rewarded!  Still, it was a very overcast day when we were out which is probably not every one's idea of perfect sailing weather but it was great.  
See?  Cool looking clouds!  My husband, in particular, is a great lover of clouds so he requested
that I take a picture of these ones.
If it had been blazing sun, me and my mole children would have been seeking refuge in the shade anyway.  Plus, we got some neat views of clouds and mist while we were out on the water. 

I bet that would have looked like a rusty old fishing boat in the sun!
With the ominous sky and silhouetted buildings it looks way better!
My kids were the only kids on the Kajama when we went for our tour and there are no activities or anything aimed specifically at kids but it is still something that kids would love.  I mean, ok, it is basically sitting around on a boat while it tootles around Lake Ontario but you would have to be a pretty jaded eight year old to be all "ho hum, a giant old timey sailing ship with sails and ropes and rigging - whatever!", so I think it is a safe bet for a family outing.
See?  Captivated by the boat ride.
My kids liked watching the crew work, hoisting sails and tying knots and that sort of thing but they really liked it when the crew put their dad to work helping with a sail.  So did their dad!  
Apparently, only men in brimmed hats are allowed to play with the ropes.
Aside from all of the neat stuff to look at on the boat, you also get to see the planes taking off and landing at the island airport, the fire boat station, the other boats out in the water and the interesting details of Toronto's lakeside area including Ontario Place, the Yacht Club etc.  

Checking out the sites along the waterfront.
The only thing I didn't like about the tour was something that the people who run Kajama can't control.  When we were sailing by the Polson Pier, there was some horrible and really loud band playing (and I say that as someone who has attended more than one Metallica concert, so I know from loud bands!) and you could hear them for the better part of the tour.  Like I said, nothing the Kajama people can do about that but it was annoying!
The view on the way back to port.  I am pretty sure port is the right word.  
 Some things to keep in mind:
  • For a family of four it will be around $70.
  • You can buy food and drinks on the ship. You can check out the menu before hand.
  • The cruise itself is about 90 minutes long but you can board the ship about 30 minutes before your tour is set to sail. 
  • They have three tours a day, so check the schedule to see what time works best for you.
  • You can usually find coupons online and they also have group rates and I am pretty sure they do parties and events.  
  • If you are wondering why I keep referring to it as the Tall Ship Kajama rather than just the Kajama, it is because if you google Kajama you will get a site about horoscopes and crystals and whatnot, so either use the links I have provided or remember to google Tall Ship Kajama!

My kids getting a drink from the bar.

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