Monday, March 23, 2015

Times Square - New York City

Times Square is crowded, loud and garish and my kids loved it.  So much so that we went three times during our stay in New York City.  We were lucky enough to stay at a hotel that was within walking distance to Times Square which definitely helped.  It's also a great place to go in the early evening after all of the museums have closed.  All of the stores are open late, usually until midnight so you can hit them after dinner if you still have energy.  You can also spend a little or a lot of time there so it is a very flexible activity.  It roughly covers the area between about 42nd street and 52nd street and between 7th and 8th Avenue. This is where you will find the Broadway theatres which add to the energy and ambiance.
One of many very big things in the Toys R Us.
My kids' favourite was the giant three storey Toys R Us.  It has all of the usual things that a Toys R Us has (i.e. toys) as well as a full size Ferris wheel, a giant animitronic dinosaur, a candy store, a big Barbie house and lots of toy demonstrators who do things like magic tricks and fly airplanes around the store.
I was trying out a new camera and my poor kids had to stand there
forever until I could get it to work.  Hence the sour faces.  I also have several 5 second long
videos of them that I thought were pictures if anyone wants to see those!
My kids were very excited about the M&M shop as well.  You can buy specific colours of M&Ms and for some reason this is very exciting to young kids (ok and some of us adults).  Our first night there we got some mint flavoured M&Ms and munched on those for the rest of our stay.  We went back a second time to get some treats for friends back home but for some reason they had closed have their cash registers and the line up was about an hour long so we bailed on that.  There is also a Hershey store right across the street so it is basically chocolate lovers paradise.
A real missed opportunity to make good use of "Yoo-hoo!  Big summer blowout!"
in the adjoining bathing suit section.
There is a giant Disney store in Times Square with a life size Sven which my daughter liked.  They also sell the usual assortment of Disney goods.
One of the many elaborate begging schemes in Times Square.
The thing my kids probably liked best about Times Square was all of the interesting things to see as you just wander around.  There are people dressed as statues, buskers, people dressed as super heroes, break dancers, vendors etc.  All of them are trying to sell you something.  The people dressed as Minions and superheroes who come up to your children and offer to have their picture taken are not doing it out of the kindness of their hearts, they expect you to pay them.  Outright panhandling seems to be banned in Times Square, probably because it scares away tourists, but there is still no shortage of people trying to get you to give them money.  They are not all completely innocent either so I would not encourage them.

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