Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bingeman's Big Splash- Kitchener, Ontario

My kids call this one The Toilet.  How evocative!
I have lived in Kitchener for 17 years and yet somehow I had never been to Bingeman's Big Splash which is weird because it is an institution in Kitchener.  My kids had been several times for birthday parties and with friends and I had been to the indoor part but I had missed out on the waterpark.  So we decided an end of summer field trip was in order.
This is the Boomerango which hurls you down and then up and then down again.
One of the things I like about water parks is they are sort of the wild wild west of kid's fun.  I mean, you want to ride the tiny little airplanes that go 10 feet off the ground and are slower than my walking speed at an amusement park and there are height checks, safety harnasses, multiple safety checks every time.  Whereas at a water park they are basically like "have fun!" and off you go.  You want to hurl yourself face first down a huge dark tube into a pool of water?  No one will even ask if you can swim!  That is both hilarious and terrifying to me.  It probably goes without saying that my kids loved it.  I mean you can't go too far wrong with a water park.  There was something for everyone too which was nice.  My younger daughter liked the wave pool the best and my older daughter liked the The Cyclone and The Pipe the best.  I liked The Pipe the best too. If you have younger kids they even have a huge splash pad area.

See?  Here they are on the upswing
There are a couple of things that could have been improved and would have made the day even more fun though.  They have a weird system for their line ups.  For a couple of the slides you need a mat or a tube and you can't get them at the slides.  Why?  No idea!  You have to walk down the hill and wait in a line to get them.  There is a stack of tubes right there but you aren't allowed to grab one.  Why?  Again, no idea!  You have to wait for someone to get off the slide and hand you theirs.  What if that kid wants to ride again you ask?  Well too bad they have to wait in line for another tube and then walk up the hill to wait in line for the slide.  Why not just stack the tubes and mats where people use them?
I include this picture only because it shows the stack of tubes that no one is allowed to touch.
They also decided around 3:45 to absolutely blare country music over the PA system.  Why?  Yet again, no idea.  I mean seriously they literally doubled the volume from what it had been when it was playing Top 40 stuff previously.  I honestly wondered if they were trying to get rid of people since they have a cheaper twilight pass that starts at 4:00.  Maybe it gets too crowded unless they get some of the day pass people out?  I don't know but it worked on us, we left since we couldn't even hear each other without yelling.  They also only had 4 working bathrooms in the women's washrooms which meant there were line ups.  Seeing as there are hundreds if not thousands of people there every day I can see how some would take as an invitation to pee in the pool frankly.

The wave pool.  The tubes are actually clear these days.
Even with the caveats I mentioned above my kids loved it and so did I so I do recommend a trip there if you are in Kitchener.

Things to keep in mind:

  • If you live in Kitchener you should consider the season's pass.  If you buy it really early you only have to go twice to more than pay for it.
  • They have lots of tables and chairs so you won't have any trouble finding somewhere to sit.
  • You can bring in your own food and drinks.  They do also have a concession stand that sells a few things and there is a Boston Pizza inside.
  • The indoor stuff like the indoor playground, bowling, and rock climbing is not included in the usual Big Splash day pass.  You can pay extra and get some activities added on though.
  • There are height restrictions for some of the rides so check before you go.  

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